T UP ASSIST Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to setup T-UP Assist?

Opening the legs, placing the ball into the cage, placing the tee into position below the ball cage, then placing T-UP Assist into position to tee off, takes 10 seconds.

Can you use any tee with T-UP Assist?

No. Our current design was based on the Callaway Par Tee as the rectangle shape ensures there is a good grip on the tee and the tees quality ensures there is a low chance of them breaking when they are pushed into the ground (unless you have a ground that only a drill would make a hole, eg solid clay or permafrost)

Can you set the tee to different heights?

Yes. T-UP Assist can fit into your golf bag. After teeing off and folding the legs down you are able to place it in your golf bag.

Does a standard golf ball fit into the ball cage?

Yes, golf balls are a standard size and any brands golf ball will fit into T UP ASSIST

What happens if a part of T-UP Assist breaks?

If a part breaks, please email us with photos of the broken part so we can assess whether we can send you a replacement part or whether we need to organise a repair, or new T UP Assist. Please note, warranty is only on manufacturer faults, not on misuse of the product.